Wednesday, November 22nd 2017
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Declaration of Faith

We believe that God, in unrivaled glory and delight, reigns supreme over all creation, powers, people, nations, and ideas.

We believe that this one, true God is eternal, infinite, almighty, and perfect in holiness, truth, and love; and that He has made Himself known in three persons: the Father, His beloved Son, and the Holy Spirit.

We believe that as King of kings and Lord of Lords, God unstoppably accomplishes His purposes and personally sustains all things, to the end that glory might crown His name and good might come to His people.

We believe that Jesus Christ, God’s beloved and only Son, was born of a virgin into this world. Fully human, He lived a spotless, righteous life, fulfilling God’s law and fully pleasing God’s heart; so that as a substitute for His people He might die the brutal death and bear the righteous wrath that we deserve. Our great Savior was raised in power from the grave, utterly defeating death and guaranteeing the new life, future resurrection, and present and eternal gladness of His people. With His redeeming plan fully accomplished, our Lord ascended in triumph and promised the glorious hope of His certain return and eternal kingdom. At His Father’s right hand He intercedes for His people and rules as the Lord of all and as the Head of His body, the Church.

We believe that, apart from salvation in Jesus Christ, all men are dead in sin and unavoidably called to stand before God’s final judgement; and that the only hope of every man, woman, and child is a loving and joyful work of God’s free and sovereign grace; which, having granted repentance and faith, justifies the believer through the life, death, and resurrection of Christ; transforms him through the work of His Spirit; and preserves him for certain, eternal glory. God’s redeemed people are adopted as His children – united with Christ in all things – so that we receive the full blessing, benefit, and standing that the Son Himself enjoys before the Father. We are called to announce to all people this incomparable and irreplaceable gospel, with the sure confidence that, through the gospel, God is unstoppably gathering His people from all nations to the praise of His glorious grace.

We believe that the Holy Spirit of God – sent by Jesus Christ, God’s Son – convicts, regenerates, and sanctifies sinners; and that He indwells and enables all believers to live holy and Godly lives through diligent application of God’s Word and faithful use of gifts for service. The Holy Spirit desires to fill each believer continually with increasing power for our new life and witness in Christ. He illuminates God’s Word, teaches and leads God’s people, and produces in all believers spiritual fruit that is consistent with God’s character. The Spirit also generously grants gifts to God’s children, to be eagerly pursued and humbly used – and He does all of this for the fame of God’s name, the building up of Christ’s Body, and the advancement of His gospel in the world.

We believe that God has spoken, and that His Word, delivered through His prophets and apostles, has been preserved for us in the Scriptures alone; which, through the Holy Spirit’s inspiration, come to us with the full authority, truthfulness, and accuracy of God Himself. God’s Word, in the Bible, leads us to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Each part of Scripture is to be interpreted according to its original context and purpose and applied to our minds and conduct in reverent obedience to the Lord whose Word it is. All believers are called to love and feast upon the Scriptures and to diligently seek to live lives shaped by them. The Scriptures are the authoritative rule and guide of all Christian life, practice, and doctrine. They are fully sufficient and must not be added to, superseded, or altered by any later tradition, extra-biblical revelation, or worldly wisdom. Every statement of Christian doctrine or practice must be submitted to the ongoing examination and correction of the full revelation of God in His holy Word.

We believe that the Church is not a religious institution or human organization. The Church universal is made up of all who have truly embraced the gospel of Jesus Christ and become His followers – the sons and daughters of God Himself. The Church exists to worship and glorify God by delighting in all that He is and all that He has done as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In this joy, the Church is commissioned and privileged faithfully to do His will and eagerly to promote His great glory and gospel in the earth.

We believe that the local church is a primary context for spiritual growth through the passionate teaching and application of God’s Word; the rich fellowship of God’s people in Truth, prayer, and the Lord’s supper; and the loving ministry of God-given leaders.

We believe in the baptism of believers by immersion, not producing salvation but evidencing salvation through obedience to God and identification with Christ.

We believe that the Lord’s supper is a loving remembrance and celebration of Christ’s redeeming death and a gracious, sobering opportunity to examine our relationship with Christ and with His church, which is His body.