Wednesday, November 22nd 2017
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Generations of Grace DVD

Generations of Grace is a publication of the American Family Association in conjunction with The Potter’s School, The Homeschool Channel & Enjoying Grace Ministries.

The desperate need of Christian homes is a renewed vision of family that arises from a deep knowledge of God, a desperate embrace of His grace, and a delightful engagement of the relationships of our homes. Christian bookstore shelves overflow with “how-to” manuals, offering “Ten Steps to a Healthy Family” (in one form or another). These resources blend and offer pop psychology, traditional family values, cultural observation, and even Biblical principles – to build or fix Christian homes.

In Generations of Grace pastor and teacher Don Shorey (Enjoying Grace Ministries) does not offer a “how-to” manual or a program of practices to restore the Christian home. His single passion is to lift our eyes and our thoughts to the only source and model of vibrant family – the intimate person of God, the adopting delights of His grace, and the satisfying vision of marriage and family that He has woven into His creation and redemption design from the beginning of time.

This 12-Part Series includes:

1. Generations

2. Treasure

3. Lost

4. Home

5. Rest

6. Celebration

7. The Holiness of Happy Lovers

8. Intoxicating Romance

9. Parenting with the Happiness of Our Father

10. Parenting with the Hopes of Our Father

11. Thirty Easy Ways to Raise a Pharisee 1

12. Thirty Easy Ways to Raise a Pharisee 2

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