Wednesday, November 22nd 2017
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Welcome & Site Tour

Enjoying Grace Ministries is here to sketch a blueprint of a whole life – a complete vision: full of beauty, truth, community, vocation, story, heritage, laughter, and feasting – unashamed of Christ and fearlessly unimpressed with the promises of modern secularism and self-absorption. We envision a transformed culture, focused on the worship of the one true God – living out the good life one family at a time.

Our aim at EGM is simply to encourage and energize Christ-seeking, grace-dependent, joy-hungry souls. We are also here to engage and enjoy conversation with any of you who might know little about Christ, grace, or joy – but are seeking honest dialogue and a place where you can ask real questions.

Meet Us & Theology

Read about us and what makes us tick by clicking the drop down tabs under the “Meet Us” button. It will help you make sense of the array of stuff here at EGM if you take the time to check out where we have come from and what makes us get out of bed in the morning.

Our foundational ideas can be explored at the tabs under “Theology.” Videos and texts that reveal our distinctive perspectives on the Big stuff in life will be unfolding gradually under the “Big Ideas” & “Big Hopes” buttons.

Two Locations are key to navigating this site:

1. The Unveiled Faces Blog

The blog will be primarily engaged in personal posts from the pen of Don Shorey (topical series, general outbursts, book quotes and reviews, etc.) – but this blog will also be a bulletin board that points folks toward new resources at the EGM site. The main means of announcement for new resources, however, will be…

2. The “Home” Page

The “Home” page right here at is a chronologically rolling update of our most recent available resources. These posted resources will be easily recognizable by the “icon” pictures that introduce each headline. Here’s our Rosetta Stone to help you translate the signposts of the various paths of activity that meet at this important intersection:

Here you will find links to Biblical messages that can be streamed or downloaded. Most will be weekly messages from Grace Church, but there will also be messages from Don’s visits to various events and churches. This image will also introduce reorganized series from the archives of many years of teaching ministry.

This will signal that there is a new Rabbit Room Conversations Podcast posted at the site. Learn more Here

Will let you know that there is a new blog post at Unveiled Faces – the interactive blog page of EGM and Pastor Don. Learn more Here