Wednesday, November 22nd 2017
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Our Sneaky Agenda

We want you talking. We brazenly poke sleeping dogs (or minds) with a stick. Yes, we know that the world is already full of chatter. Small talk and chit chat – like lattes, reality TV, and unemployed college degrees – are everywhere. Our mouths are moving rapidly, while deftly skirting big ideas, lest we be forced to squint our eyes, squeeze those little valleys into our foreheads, and strain with mental effort. If we get our way here at EGM, we will all find our thoughts a bit more tangled because we are actually and uncomfortably thinking. Thinking disrupts our peace, firmly kicks the tires of our assumptions, and then starts locking together the rudimentary Lincoln Logs of a framework for authentic, rich living.

And it (honest thinking) is cruelly disrespectful to our own self-regard. It humbles. Real thinking is compelled to talk with others, who might have thoughts too – even the type that are irritatingly unaligned with our own. The old Scottish word for for “think” is “doubt,” illustrating (indirectly) that all thought – with more substance and flavor than a rice-cake – will be be in the habit of asking gnarly questions. Which forces this whole thinking thing to be both humble and social. Now we are back to the point: We want you talking.

Dialogue is a neglected spiritual discipline. It should be ranked and relished on equal standing with prayer, Bible study, solitude, meditation, and all such timelessly healthy habits. It is shared meditation – with the bracing benefit of extra minds and a slew of thoughts we would have never thought of by ourselves.

Look closely at happy and hearty Christian pilgrims throughout time and you will find that most managed to linger long in the company of searching souls. It is hard to be robust believers if we don’t regularly meet up (like Lewis, Tolkein & friends) in our own Rabbit Room at the back of the “Eagle and Child,” to chew on the meat and potatoes of truth and beauty, until the proprietor stacks the pub stools on the tables and shoos us out onto St. Giles Street. Don’t think we’re promoting self-important naval contemplation or endless, nit-picky debates. A healthy supply of food, friendship, and unrestrained laughter should keep things on track. (Lewis and Tolkein’s pipes and pints are a matter for your own conscience and context.)

We presume to wield the sharp stick of mental provocation because we want more friends who let the candle burn low and consume a dangerous amount of conversation-inducing snacks, while jointly gnawing on a big or beautiful idea until it’s true shape begins to emerge. And we are happily suspicious that many will eventually thank us for the small flesh wound.

We also poke shamelessly (even where our hopes are paler) because – in the birth year of the Oprah Network – we refuse to sit idly, without storming the deserted buildings of hollow inspirational thoughts and warm, fuzzy spirits. Especially the Christian variety. We may not successfully bust down the doors, but we’re determined (at least) to leave distracting graffiti on the cracked vinyl siding.

We won’t tell you what to think (well, we might, but please be sure thoroughly to check the teeth and hooves of our stock, before you buy it). We will, relentlessly, tell you the kinds of things we think you should learn and laugh and linger long over. We love conversation, without haste or excess propriety.

We are devoted to stirring up trouble, because ideas are tigers. Get a hold of them, even just by the tail and they will take you for a disruptive and unforgettable ride. Ideas are stubborn and rude and tenacious and satisfying and secure – when they are discovered through real thought and rooted in the treasure of truth that is ready to be mined in the extravagance of God’s spoken Word and His spoken World. Beware! If the truths you get a hold of, turn and get a hold of you – you will never be the same again.

God willing, everything that you ever find here at this EGM site will make you think, care about what you are thinking, and (therefore) talk about what you are thinking. And if what we offer is good, it will lead you to rest in Jesus Christ and restlessly crave more of Him. He is everything we are looking for. He is no less than the incarnate Logos (Word/Essential Idea) of God Himself. And if the food we offer does not incline you to be happier and holier in the family and fellowship of the King of Heaven and Earth – by all means look for a better table – but please don’t leave the conversation.