Wednesday, November 22nd 2017
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Finances & Donations

Our life and ministry here at Enjoying Grace Ministries is moving forward in the confidence that the Lord cares and provides for what He calls us to do.

For the first time in 23 years, we move forward in ministry without salary or established support; but we also go forward persuaded that the Lord is bringing together decades of thoughts, goals, and dreams and that He has prepared us, at this time, to invest in these things with all of our heart and soul.

Our passion is to call everyone, everywhere to treasure God, exalt Jesus Christ, cherish His grace, and live the good life He offers – one family at a time. We are eager in a particular way to nourish delightful homes and equip churches and leaders to live life in a vigorous, optimistic, happy, transforming way. Lives thus occupied honor the Lord, strengthen His body, and attract the curiosity of the folks who share this planet with us.

If the vision and the resources we offer resonate with and affect you, then we would ask you to pray for the Godly effectiveness of all that we are doing and point people in the direction of this website, so that more folks can share in the fellowship and dialogue of this adventure.

If, in addition to these things, you would like to help financially support and sustain these efforts – we would be deeply grateful to you and to our generous Lord.

Gifts and regular support can be contributed online, through Paypal at the Donate button below.

Gifts or support can also be sent to the address below. You may write checks to Enjoying Grace Ministries (we will provide you with an annual report of your contributions – for tax purposes).

Thank you so much for even considering these things!

Enjoying Grace Ministries/Don Shorey
1415 Cooper Circle
West Chester, PA 19380

While we work through issues with our PayPal account – Please send all support or gifts to the address above. Thank you!