Wednesday, November 22nd 2017
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Highlight Series

Grouped below are specific messages or series of messages that will particularly introduce you to the defining vision and themes of Enjoying Grace Minstries and Don’s teaching ministry. These, we believe, would be helpful places to start if you would like to become acquainted with the vision of God, His grace, and His gladness that is the burning core of all that we are and do.

An archive of many messages and message series from recent years of Don’s Biblical teaching is available Here.


Our current series of messages at Grace Church is an exploration of the reality, wonders, and implications of the Heaven that our happy Lord has prepared for His children. This series captures the God-centered, Gospel-enlarging foundations that deepen our view of Heaven and offer a transforming vision not only of the life to come but also for life right now.

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The Biblical doctrine of “Rest” reshapes all that we know about a relationship with God, His grace, and one another. The topic and reality of “Rest” is a central theme of Scripture from beginning to end. Listen in – to hear a fresh and uncommon definition and vision of “Rest”; and be refreshed in the breathtaking and unchanging devotion of God to doing you good, “with all His heart and with all His soul.”

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messagesA Dangerous Righteousness:

Learning Grace through Good Pharisees & the Great Physician
The Pharisees are our friends. Learning who they were and studying the Savior’s frequent exchanges with them is essential to a right understanding of His Gospel. Stand in the Pharisees’ shoes to re-listen to the words of Jesus and you will discover the heart transforming themes like grace & law, salvation & sin, relationship & religion, liberty & legalism, and – above all – what it is to be a forgiven and feasting friend of the Savior.

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The Prodigal Sons & their Prodigal Father

Jesus’ parable of the Prodigal Sons & their Prodigal Father captures and communicates the essence of God’s heart and His Gospel. Don introduces us to the vital setting and audience of this parable and the new definition it offers of what it is to be lost and how captivating it is to come home to the Father. The heart-gripping message of this parable is offered to sinners and (especially) self-sufficient Pharisees everywhere.

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Promises Made, Promises Kept

The Biblical events surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ into this world, have been subjected to the portrayals of Sunday School stories, Christmas cards, and romanticized cliches. These events surround the greatest miracle of human history. This multi-year series of messages revisits the people and events surrounding the Glorious Invasion of the Kingdom of God through the Birth of Jesus Christ. There’s more to these events than you think.

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