Wednesday, November 22nd 2017
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Thirty Easy Ways to Raise a Pharisee


The Biblical, Gospel vision behind this “Thirty Easy Ways to Raise a Pharisee” series is unfolded in two message series available as “Highlight Series” under the “Messages” button above. The two series are A Dangerous Righteousness: Learning Grace through Good Pharisees & the Great Physician and The Prodigal Sons & Their Prodigal Father.

Introduction - Thirty Easy Ways to Raise a Pharisee

Number 1 - Sing "Jesus Loves Me" before "Holy, Holy, Holy"

Number 2 - Tell them that Jesus wants them to be good, instead of that Jesus wants to be good to them.

Number 3 - Use Gifts as Rewards and Punishments

Number 4 - Use Gifts as Rewards and Punishments

Number 5 - Live as though fasting is more spiritual than feasting

Number 6 - Sing only on Sunday.

Number 7 - Tell them that they can do the right thing, if they just try hard enough.

Number 8 - Assure them that God is easily approachable.

Number 9 - Admire religious achievements more than other personal accomplishments.

Number 10 - Display a passionless marriage.

Number 11 - Teach them that a good reputation is their most valuable possession.

Number 12 - Equip them with the Language of Humility.

Number 13 - Groom them in the Appearance of Humility.

Number 14 - Represent holiness and happiness as opposing (or even alternating) experiences.

Number 15 - Set a retirement age for your parenting - and prepare lines of retreat.

Number 16 - Avoid teaching them difficult theological ideas.

Number 17 - Point out sinful activity more than spiritual poverty.

Number 18 - Teach the fruit of the Spirit without poverty of spirit and the Gospel.

Number 19 - Teach them to repent of their sin but not of their "righteousness."

Number 20 - Point to the physical suffering of the Cross without explaining the spiritual agony of the Savior.

Number 21 - Train them to "do their devotions" to make God happy with them instead of to make themselves happy in Him.

Number 22 - Teach them that their desires are their spiritual enemies.