Wednesday, November 22nd 2017
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The Rabbit Room Conversations – Podcast

The Rabbit Room Conversations will (Lord willing) be regularly posted audio conversations. For all the extraordinary media that film and television have introduced in recent decades, there are still times and topics, where nothing is quite as captivating as hearing a conversation in radio format. Animated voices – engaging a matter for thought, argument, laughter, or general interest – can still draw in our attentive engagement in ways that more advanced multi-media attractions don’t always do.

The Rabbit Room Conversations will come in varied forms.

Some will be series of dialogues (subscribable for your enjoyment on your computer, smart phone, iPod, etch-a-sketch, or device of preference) on various topics of practical interest to the Christ-seeking, grace-dependent, joy-hungry listener.

RRC podcasts will also include short Open Forum (Q&A) clips. These replies to questions that we have received (or will receive) – by mail, telephone, email, personal conversation or carrier pigeon – will hopefully be in video format and are intended to be offered in snack-size portions of 3-6 minutes.

If we accomplish what we hope, these conversations (jumping miraculously to your technological devices) will offer regular doses of Godly information, edification, application, and jollification. We’ll let you update us on our success-rate.

The Rabbit Room is the cozy, fireplace-warmed dining room at the back of the Eagle & Child Pub, in Oxford, England. Here C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkein, Charles Williams, Dorothy Sayers and varied friends gathered every Thursday evening for many years, to vigorously dialogue over whatever ideas, issues, or creative writing projects struck their fancy at the moment.