Wednesday, November 22nd 2017
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What is the Unveiled Faces Blog?

Unveiled Faces: Happily Reflecting the Holiness of God in the Whole of Life

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Consider the Unveiled Faces blog the “Wittenberg Door” of Enjoying Grace Ministries. No, I’m sorry, I am truly not that pompous or self important. It is reported that the sixteenth century reformer, Martin Luther, posted his Ninety-five Theses on the Castle Church door in Wittenberg, Germany on October 31st, 1517. These bold proclamations were Luther’s first assertive, public thrust at the ruling, Roman Catholic church; and it is famously assumed that the great Protestant Reformation finds it’s birth (public, at least) in the tacking of this document on this community bulletin board. This romantically accounted moment, was – in its simplest sense – the customary way of advertising an event on a university campus. Church doors at the time, especially at universities, functioned very much as bulletin boards (they were uncommonly large and wooden in those days).

Unveiled Faces is a blog. By that we mean that this will be a forum through which we here at EGM communicate our central passions in the form of traditional, blog posts. Lord willing, there will be “series” of posts on topics such as Family Life, The Gospel, Practical Theology, Christian Living, Cultural Engagement and more. We will also seek to offer regular, spontaneous postings on matters of current interest – whether related to current affairs, the church of our day, or whatever happens to be on our minds.

Unveiled Faces is also, quite frankly, a bulletin board. It will serve as the high school cafeteria line of our small network of ministry activities. As you drag your tray along the grooved shelf, you will be be able to glance at the offerings through the glass and ask the heavyset madam in the hairnet to put a little bit of this or that on your plate. This will be the “above the fold” portion of our front page (to swing wildly from metaphor to metaphor), where everything we offer will be headlined and advertised.

Here we will post our “normal” Unveiled Faces blog essays, brief commentaries, or even twitter-brief outbursts. Here we will also notify (as well as on the Home page at, that a new Rabbit Room Conversation audio podcast, vision-defining (Big Ideas/Big Hopes) video, teaching MP3, or other teaching resource has been posted on the various branches of the EGM website. It will be our community bulletin board, our town square, our village pub – where those who want to stay in touch (while sipping their beverage of choice in the recliner or at the kitchen table) can be briefed on whatever we are doing at the moment.

And, as the Lord allows, everything that ever filters to the public through this unobtrusive outlet will be aimed at magnifying the glory, grace, and gladness of God and relentlessly insisting that His gospel, kingdom, and glorious (even earthly) agenda changes everything for anyone who loves Him.

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